About us

Innoviet was born in 2005 out of passion, compassion and ambition of a young Vietnamese team who love Vietnam with their pure hearts and they want to promote the beauty of Vietnam culture, history, people and cuisine to travelers around the world by offering unique, high quality, truly off the beaten path tours and best travel services throughout Vietnam.

We chose “Innoviet” for our name which describe our passion for creating an unforgettable, beneficial, and meaningful excursions for our customers, providing opportunity and benefit for local community as well as contributing to sustainable tourism in Vietnam with “Innovation”.  

Today, the climate change is one of the most urgent problems facing our world and the tourism industry is both impacted by climate change and it’s also a sector that’s a growing contributor to the problem. As a travel company which creates and promotes holidays within the tourism sector, we clearly see it is our responsibility to ensure that the negative impact we have on global warming is minimized and we work toward sustaining our environment. Therefore, Innoviet team has made a commitment to tackle climate change through the development of our new products.

That being said, In 2009 we created Educational tours which is  the best way to help students to gain new perspectives on local issues, respect and learn from other cultures, be aware of the interdependence of nations, understand that their own actions have an impact on the lives of people in different parts of the world experiential learning.

We partner with educators across the world to create education programs including building house for families with low incomes, building classrooms, dormitories, libraries and toilets at rural elementary, kindergarten and secondary schools; or teaching English for disadvantaged children, etc.