What is your cancellation policy due to bad weather?

The weather in Vietnam can vary depending on which part of the country you are in. The Central region and some parts of the North currently receive bad weather such as monsoons, cyclones, and thunderstorms. Also, flooding sometimes occurs as a result of heavy rain. However, weather in the South has a distinct dry season (from November to April) and wet season (from May to October). During wet months, heavy and short downpours usually occur in mid-afternoon. Gratefully the rain showers usually are very short-lived and haven't affected our tours very much in the past few years.

In case, the bad weather occurs near our scheduled departure, we have the authority to cancel our tours to guarantee the safety of tourists. The following cancellation policy will be applied:

  • If the cancellation is informed before you leave for the tour, (you have not used any service yet) and we cannot find another date you wish to go on: 100% refund.  
  • If the cancellation is informed during the trip (you have already used some services: transportation, tour guide, homestay, boat etc). The fee of these services will be charged and we will refund the remaining amount.

In case you want to cancel the tour in the last minutes due to unpleasant weather BUT our tour still goes out with other clients, the following cancellation policy will be applied:

  • 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance.
  • 100% refunded for bookings that are canceled 24 hours prior to the departure.