Why we dare to be different?

Because we care…

Why a country with an amazing tapestry of art and culture; delicious food (it seems that every town, no matter no small, has a unique dish to contribute to Vietnam’s diverse culinary palette); strong and proud, yet warm, people; sublime limestone mountain landscapes still fell to stand out those tourism neighbours.

These ugly truth bothered Ha Nguyen (Founder), a 23 year-old passionate woman, realizing that she can no longer stand by and do nothing. What she saw strengthened her determination to devote her youthful, entrepreneurial spirit toward the thing she loved the most – travel.

In 2005, Ha and a group of young students started to write a business proposal called “Taste Vietnam with your six senses” with the aim of bringing travelers to the hidden charms of Vietnam where they can truly experience that real life of Vietnam with their six senses. The proposal won the award from “Entrepreneur Context” of VTV3 (National Television Station) with $10,000 USD for their start-up idea.

We call our dream “Innoviet” because it reflexes our ambition to bring customized and truly local  excursions for our customers, providing wealth opportunities and economic benefits to our local communities as well as contributing to sustainable tourism in Vietnam with “Innovation”.

You come here for a lifetime experience, but be sure to leave with more than just memories, you’ll leave with stories. Making you love Vietnam as much as we do is our aspiration.

Toward sustainable tourism

Our team philosophy

The common value-sharing has connected Innoviet’s members together. At Innoviet, we build a sustainable working environment as we believe that “happy people make happy trips”. There aren’t “Boss” in our community but leadership is more than welcome. This allow our team members to work independently and creatively in order contribute their great ideas toward sustainable products.

Our commitment  

Today, the climate change is one of the most urgent problems facing our world and the tourism industry is both impacted by climate change and it’s also a sector that’s a growing contributor to the problem. As a travel company which creates and promotes holidays within the tourism sector, we clearly see it is our responsibility to ensure that the negative impact we have on global warming is minimised and we work toward sustaining our environment. Therefore, Innoviet team has made a commitment to tackle climate change through the development of our new products.  

Our actions

Travel locally

Supporting locally owned businesses, homestays, restaurants, and other services whenever we can.

Environmental friendly  

Trying to limit carbon footprint by using bicycle to travel around the village instead of scooters

Travel with responsibility

Respecting people, cultures and local environments; in the distribution of wealth; in good will and cross-cultural sharing; and in contributing to sustainable development are what our staff and travellers expected to demonstrate the principles of responsible travel.

Mekong Delta Tours Specialist‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’