You are a foodie and want to explore the best street food in Saigon but aren’t sure where are the best places in town? Then this what you will love. Let’s put my recommendation of  the Top Must-eat Dishes & Dining Spots In Saigon for Foodies in your pocket and start exploring the Saigon food haven. * STREET FOOD 1. Cơm

Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam, in general, is one of the safest travel destinations. However like most countries, it has its share of traveller annoyances such as scams and other petty crime. Spend a little time to learn about these simple tips to travel safely, securely, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Vietnam – without

Being as local in Saigon, a tour guide (well, I used to) also a Traveler. I’m very sad to know that very few visitors to Vietnam want to return to this magnificent country. One of the major reasons that contribute to this problem is tourist scams. Although there have been so many topics discussing around

Is it possible to find any good vegetarian food in Saigon? Fortunately, it is, now more than ever. US travel website When On Earth has listed Ho Chi Minh City among the ideal cities worldwide for vegans and vegetarians. The city is named one of the ten destinations that “tickle veggie-loving taste buds” as it