Must-Try Activities When Traveling Slowly at Non Touristy Cu Chi and Mekong Delta

Must-Try Activities When Traveling Slowly at Non Touristy Cu Chi and Mekong Delta

Away from the touristy crowds, immerse yourself in the intricate network of tunnels, witnessing firsthand the ingenuity of the Vietnamese soldiers. Discover the secrets of Cu Chi Tunnels for an authentic and non-touristy adventure in Vietnam.

Discover the hidden beauty of the non-touristy Cu Chi tunnels and Mekong Delta

Embark on a slow-moving journey exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels, a lesser-known gem inviting you to explore Vietnam's history with a touch of tranquility.

Cu Chi Tunnels is an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.
Photo: Domy Kamsyah

Explore the Historic Cu Chi Tunnels: An interesting non-touristy place

No visit to Cu Chi would be complete without exploring the historic underground labyrinth that played a crucial role during the Vietnam War. The Cu Chi Tunnels are a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the Vietnamese soldiers who used these intricate passages for shelter, communication, and strategic advantage.

Great opportunity to explore the underground Cu Chi tunnels.

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Venture deep into the non-touristy tunnels and marvel at the narrow passageways, hidden trapdoors, and camouflaged entrances. Gain insight into the harsh realities of war as you learn about the daily life of the soldiers who lived and fought in these cramped quarters. For an added thrill, try crawling through a section of the tunnels yourself—it's an unforgettable slow travel experience that offers a glimpse into the past.

Learn Traditional Crafts and Skills

Experience unique crafts with local people

Photo: Mai Ánh

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of Cu Chi by learning traditional crafts and skills from local artisans. Visit a local workshop to watch skilled craftsmen create intricate pottery, weave colorful textiles, or carve delicate woodwork.

Join a hands-on workshop to try your hand at crafting your own souvenir, whether it's painting a traditional Vietnamese lacquerware piece, making intricate bamboo handicrafts, or learning the art of Vietnamese calligraphy. It's a unique opportunity to connect with the local community and take home a one-of-a-kind memento of your time in this non-touristy place.

Cycle Through the non-touristy Countryside

Enjoy the cool atmosphere while cycling on the village roads.

For a more leisurely way to explore the beauty of Củ Chi, hop on a bicycle and pedal your way through the verdant countryside. Wind along quiet roads lined with swaying palm trees, passing by rice paddies, fruit orchards, and the non-touristy rustic villages.

Stop along the way to interact with friendly locals, sample fresh fruits from roadside stalls, and capture stunning views of the rural landscape. Many tour operators offer guided cycling tours that take you off the beaten path, allowing you to discover hidden gems and authentic Vietnamese hospitality.

Uncover Non-touristy Hidden Temples and Pagodas

Cu Chi is home to a number of ancient temples and pagodas that offer a glimpse into Vietnam's rich spiritual heritage. Explore the serene grounds of the Cao Dai Temple, where colorful dragons adorn the walls and intricate carvings depict scenes from Buddhist and Taoist mythology.

Temples and pagodas are one of the cultural values in Cu Chi


Visit the non-touristy Thien An Pagoda, nestled amidst lush gardens and towering trees, and soak in the tranquil atmosphere as the scent of incense fills the air. Marvel at the intricate architecture, ornate statues, and centuries-old artifacts that tell the stories of Vietnam's religious traditions.

Indulge in non-touristy Local Cuisine

No visit to Cu Chi would be complete without sampling the delicious flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. Head to the non-touristy bustling markets and street stalls to savor authentic dishes bursting with fresh herbs, spices, and local ingredients.

Cu Chi beef noodle soup still has its own appeal


Try the famous Cu Chi spring rolls, filled with a medley of vegetables and served with tangy dipping sauces. Feast on fragrant bowls of pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup topped with tender slices of beef or chicken. Don't miss the chance to sample local delicacies like banh Xeo (crispy rice pancakes) and banh mi (crusty baguette sandwiches) from roadside vendors.

Embark on a non-touristy River Adventure

For a unique perspective of Cu Chi, embark on a slow travel scenic river adventure along the Saigon River. Hop aboard a traditional wooden boat and cruise past lush mangrove forests, floating markets, and traditional fishing villages.

Visit many beautiful sights and immerse yourself in nature on a boat trip

Stop at the Ben Duoc Wharf, where you can explore a replica of a non-touristy Vietnamese fishing village and try your hand at traditional fishing techniques. As you glide along the tranquil waters, keep an eye out for colorful birdlife, exotic wildlife, and breathtaking sunset views.

Tips for you when visiting Cu Chi tunnels:

Here you can find and buy special souvenirs made from bullet shells: lighters, pens,... or handmade bamboo and rattan products.

- The tunnel in the tunnel is very small, dark, hot, and lacks air, so be careful, leave less luggage, and follow the instructions of the management board or tour guide at the site to ensure safety.

- You should avoid visiting during the rainy season, the ideal time is from May to December.

- You should not miss the typical dishes: boiled cassava, Cu Chi young beef, durian, sweet soup dishes,...

- When visiting the tunnel, you should wear neat, dark clothes and sports shoes for ease of movement.

- The tunnel is dark and has a lot of mosquitoes, you should prepare a tube of insect repellent.

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The next time you find yourself in Mekong Delta, venture beyond the tunnels and uncover the hidden gems of Cu Chi. From cycling through non-touristy picturesque countryside to indulging in mouthwatering cuisine and embarking on river adventures, each experience promises to leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for this remarkable corner of the world.

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Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Rural Life 

Come and immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Vietnam, where tradition and modernity coalesce, creating an unforgettable experience. Your journey awaits, filled with the warmth of Vietnamese hospitality and the richness of its cultural tapestry.

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