Discover the Spectacular Flower Season in Ha Giang, Northeast Vietnam Mountain Province

Discover the Spectacular Flower Season in Ha Giang, Northeast Vietnam Mountain Province

Discover the Spectacular Flower Season in Ha Giang, Northeast Vietnam Mountain Province

Flower season in Ha Giang, northeast Vietnam mountain province. The flower season comes at the end of Autumn.

The landscape, characterized by its rugged rock formations and scenes depicting the challenging life of local residents, is currently adorned in its full splendor. Autumn has emerged as the favored season for avid travelers seeking solace in the midst of this remarkable terrain.

As November arrives, the cornfields that once nestled within small caves make way for a breathtaking display of triangular flowers. Venturing from Sung La, one is greeted by expansive fields adorned in hues of purple, forming a captivating journey from one dreamlike vista to another. It is these late autumn days in Ha Giang that I hold in such high regard, prompting me to make an annual pilgrimage during this floral spectacle. Here, I can fully immerse myself in the radiant beauty of blossoms juxtaposed against the rugged rocks, creating a picturesque haven for the soul.


Nestled within the breathtaking landscape of Ha Giang, a mountain province in northeastern Vietnam, is the enchanting flower season. My initial encounter with this region, as I passed through Sung La, left me utterly captivated by the majestic vistas that unfolded before me.

From the vantage point of the lofty mountains, an awe-inspiring panorama revealed itself—a landscape adorned with towering Cunninghamia trees that reached for the heavens, and beneath them, vibrant carpets of blossoms painted the earth. The valley below was engulfed in the sweet fragrance of roses, and the village homes basked peacefully in the warm embrace of sunlight.

As I observed my surroundings, I couldn't help but notice the charming details that define life in this region. Short stone fences enclosed the homes, persimmon trees bowed under the weight of their ripe fruits, and neatly stacked firewood awaited the forthcoming cold winter. On the rooftops, corn and soybeans lay out to dry in the sun.

Within one of these homes, I encountered a H'Mong girl diligently weaving on her loom. Though her command of the Vietnamese language was limited, her hospitality knew no bounds. At noon, she graciously offered a refreshing drink to quench my thirst. The veranda served as a playground for children, their eyes as clear and black as the night sky, their curiosity piqued by the presence of unfamiliar guests.

This picturesque tableau painted a vivid portrait of life in Ha Giang during the enchanting flower season, where the natural beauty harmoniously coexists with the warmth of its hospitable inhabitants.


'Tam Giac Mach' flower

In Sung La, the H'Mong people skillfully cultivate a blend of crops, taking advantage of the region's varied topography. At higher elevations, they nurture triangular and mustard flowers, while the lower valley lands are devoted to corn and rice cultivation. Amidst this picturesque landscape, a colorful tapestry unfolds: vibrant purple eggplant flowers, delicate triangular blooms, golden sunshine, and the lush greenery of Cunninghamia trees intermingle with the verdant hues of young corn and rice.

The significance of corn in the local diet cannot be overstated. Corn serves as the primary source of sustenance, finding its way into various culinary creations such as wine, cakes, and other delectable dishes. To meet the demand, corncobs and cornstalks are meticulously dried to provide fuel for the kitchen stove.

The rugged terrain presents challenges for agricultural activities, limiting the variety of crops that can be cultivated. To grow corn, the H'Mong people employ an ingenious approach, planting corn trees within small caves nestled amidst the rocky outcrops. This endeavor demands daily toil, as soil must be transported from the lower lands, painstakingly layered within the caves, and carefully seeded with corn.

Yet, despite the harsh conditions, life continues to thrive in this challenging terrain. The determined spirit of the H'Mong people is evident in their vibrant and distinctive attire, which stands out amidst the rocky backdrop. These colorful scarves and dresses worn by the Lo Lo, H'Mong, and Dao communities make for a remarkable sight against the gray rugged rocks. Their agile steps seem to flash like lightning amidst the high mountain landscapes, a testament to their enduring spirit in the face of adversity.


Local farmers in Ha Giang

Following the corn season, Sung La undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, as the landscape becomes adorned with sprawling carpets of triangular flowers. These delicate petals, painted in shades of purple and pink, cast a spellbinding and irresistible charm that beckons a multitude of tourists. The cultivation of triangular flowers has become a cherished tradition, occurring after every rice harvest.

In times past, the seeds of these flowers were employed in the creation of cakes, but in contemporary times, their utility has evolved. Now, they serve as cattle feed, while their tender leaves are boiled and savored as a delicious vegetable. Although not consumed, the flowers themselves serve as a powerful magnet, attracting a multitude of admirers.

Triangular flowers have firmly established themselves as the quintessential blossoms of autumn. As the gentle sunbeams continue to grace the valley, maintaining a pleasant coolness in the air, we return to Sung La. Here, we find solace by the rock fences, immersing ourselves in the enchanting beauty of this fairy-tale-like scenery.


“Tam Giac Mach” flower field

Triangular trees grace the landscapes of Ha Giang, stretching from Sung La to Lung Cu and onward to Dong Van. Along the road from Yen Minh to Dong Van and Meo Vac, the pristine white of Bidens pilosa flowers harmoniously coexists with the regal purple of triangular blooms. This mountainous region teems with wildflowers, each resplendent in its own right, whether glistening with morning dew or bathed in the gentle caress of sunlight. Flowers adorn the slopes of the mountains and even find their place within the most secluded caves. Amidst this abundant floral tapestry, there exists one particularly captivating blossom that chooses to reveal its beauty only as autumn draws to a close.

While many visitors flock to Ha Giang to witness the splendor of triangular flowers, which emerge after harvest and grace the landscape for a month, my journey to Ha Giang is driven by a different floral enchantment—wild daisy flowers. These hardy blossoms possess the remarkable ability to thrive amidst rugged rocks, where they are strategically planted among cornstalks to capture ample sunlight. The daisy flowers embellish the winding forest paths, evoking deep emotions in the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness their natural beauty.


These blossoms are reminiscent of the smiles adorning the faces of H'Mong girls during the bustling harvest days. Even as their petals gently fade, their vibrant orange hue persists, much like the enduring spirit of the local inhabitants who call this challenging landscape home. In the soft embrace of late autumn's sunlight, wild daisy flowers showcase their utmost beauty, just before the onset of the winter's cold winds.

As autumn reaches its culmination in Ha Giang, a wave of nostalgia sweeps over the region. Here, amidst the rugged rocks bathed in sunlight, orange blooms herald the arrival of new fruits. The landscape becomes a mesmerizing blend of colors, as the burnt, dry cornstalks and harvested corn crops harmoniously intermingle with the golden radiance of soybean fields under the azure sky.


In Ha Giang, each of the four seasons paints a distinct and captivating picture that lures visitors from near and far. Autumn, in particular, graces the region with its most enchanting display, featuring the majestic presence of purple triangular flowers and the wild beauty of daisy blooms adorning the mountain slopes.

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