Traveling to Vietnam during Tet Holiday - should you?

Traveling to Vietnam during Tet Holiday - should you?

You might have heard that most business close during Tet, and that you won’t find a place to enjoy a slow dinner over the grill, experience the charms of the city. But take it from a local, don’t worry. You will have a wonderful experience to be in Vietnam for the duration of Tet.


Tet or Lunar New Year is the biggest, the oldest, and the most important traditional holiday of the whole country. It marks the arrival of spring, falling in the months of January and February. It is a time to forget about past troubles and hope for a better upcoming year. Furthermore, for Vietnamese people, Tet hugely affects the local’s conception of life, customs, and belief profoundly.

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As Tet plays an important religious role, the whole nation will start preparing for this occasion. Preparations for Tet begin two weeks before the arrival of the New Year. Houses are cleaned, new clothes are bought, and debts are paid off, all done to have a fresh start to the upcoming year. Houses are even repainted and decorated with traditional yellow blossoms in the South and red blossoms in the North.


Problems of Traveling to Vietnam during Tet Holiday

Undoubtedly, a multitude of online travel platforms caution against visiting Vietnam during the Tet Festival. One of the primary concerns revolves around transportation, a source of considerable frustration for many travelers. Given that Tet is a period dedicated to family reunions, there is an unprecedented surge in the demand for transportation services. Consequently, tickets are often sold out several months in advance, leading to substantially higher costs and potential delays. Additionally, some tourist attractions may be closed during the holiday, necessitating careful planning for your itinerary. Limited dining options also pose a challenge, as many local restaurants shut down for the holiday. While establishments catering to foreigners and tourists may remain open, it is advisable to confirm their operating status by making a call-in advance.


Positives of Traveling to Vietnam during Tet Holiday

However, it's not entirely a negative experience during the holiday season. Tet provides a unique glimpse into Vietnamese life as families come together to celebrate the New Year. This celebration becomes particularly captivating for culture enthusiasts. Moreover, for those with the flexibility, planning a trip that allows for less time in major cities and more exploration of off-the-beaten-track destinations can be rewarding.

If you have an affinity for photography, the pagodas come to life during Tet, offering splendid opportunities to capture memorable holiday images. Additionally, for food enthusiasts, there are various special sites and delicacies, such as the iconic Tet cake known as banh Chung, specifically crafted for this time of the year.

For anyone with a keen eye for capturing moments, a camera is a must, unless, of course, you possess exceptional sketching skills. The weeks leading up to Tet witness Vietnam bustling with preparations, and the atmosphere is filled with radiant smiles and vibrant flowers that add to the festive spirit. Perhaps the most delightful aspect of Tet is the palpable excitement in the bustling markets.


Finding restaurants is not a problem. What you may be most concerned about turned out not to be an issue – where to eat. Many restaurants catering to tourists remains open during Tet.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are incredibly festive on the days leading up to Tet. Magical is the best way to describe the cities during this time. Imagine an entire street closed off to the traffic and dedicated to flower displays and fascinating works of art created by light.


The dazzling fireworks will take place at 30 sites across Hanoi and some major places in Ho Chi Minh City but you should visit one of these five locations in Hanoi for the best sight-seeing of the fireworks: Hoan Kiem Lake, Thong Nhat Park, Lac Long Quan flower garden, Van Quan Lake and MY Dinh National Stadium; in terms of Ho Chi Minh City, you should pay a visit to Nguyen Hue Walking street, Bitexco Tower, Saigon River, and some streets along the Saigon River in District 2 in order to have a good view of fireworks.

Wishing you a Tet Holiday and a prosperous and healthy road ahead!

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