Exploring Vibrant Spring Colors: Ong Ba Chieu's Tomb and Ho Chi Minh City New Year's Eve

Exploring Vibrant Spring Colors: Ong Ba Chieu's Tomb and Ho Chi Minh City New Year's Eve

Exploring Vibrant Spring Colors: Ong Ba Chieu's Tomb and Ho Chi Minh City New Year's Eve

Experience the cultural richness of Ho Chi Minh City New Year's Eve at Ong Ba Chieu's Tomb. Amidst the city's bustling energy, discover Vietnam's storied past and vibrant traditions. Explore this serene sanctuary amidst the anticipation of New Year's Eve.

As the vibrant hues of spring infuse the air, a visit to Ong Ba Chieu's Tomb beckons with promises of cultural richness and historical significance. Nestled amidst the dynamic energy of Ho Chi Minh City, this sacred site stands as a testament to Vietnam's storied past and vibrant traditions. Against the backdrop of the city's bustling streets and the anticipation of New Year's Eve, Ong Ba Chieu's Tomb emerges as a serene sanctuary, offering a glimpse into the timeless customs and unique celebrations that define this auspicious season.

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The Unique Essence of Ong Ba Chieu's Tomb on Tet (New Year's Eve)

The tomb of Duke Thượng Công Tả, General Lê Văn Duyệt, has stood for approximately two centuries. Situated at 1 Vu Tung Street (Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) and in close proximity to the Bà Chiểu Market area, it has long been affectionately referred to as "Ong Ba Chiều's Tomb" by locals. The main gate of the tomb, known as the Southern Gate facing Vu Tung Street, is inscribed with three Chinese characters, "Thượng Công Miếu.


This unique gate architecture is also one of the iconic images evoked when mentioning the land of Saigon - Gia Dinh. The tomb is designed in three parts: Behind the Three-entrance Gate is the Literature Stele, the tomb area, and the worshipping hall.


The entire tomb area covers approximately 18,500 square meters, situated on a high piece of land with a strategic position.

This year's Tet, the Management Board of Ong's Tomb has put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into creating captivating scenes imbued with the essence of folk culture, making everyone more excited and enthusiastic when visiting here.


The spacious, airy atmosphere, shaded by lush green trees of Ong's Tomb, becomes even more vibrant, bursting with the colors of spring through decorations imbued with the traditional Tet flavor, harmonious and visually pleasing.


A large extended family, with numerous members, comes together to offer prayers for peace and take commemorative photos.


Grandparents and grandchildren sincerely pray before the tomb of Duke Thượng Công and his wife.

Another commendable aspect is that many families bring their children to educate them about the noble traditions and moral values of their ancestors, igniting a love and pride for their nation. Present at Ong Ba Chieu's Tomb on the third day of Tet Quy Mao, the observer witnesses' scenes of parents encouraging their children to visit the Literature Stele area to read and take notes, aiming for a deeper understanding of the profound contributions of their forebears to the nation.


Many young people are engrossed in reading the Literature Stele inscribed by Ambassador Hoàng Cao Khải in the year of Giap Ngọ (1894), which is solemnly placed here.

Mr. Huynh Dieu Minh, who is now nearly 70 years old, mentioned that despite his increasingly limited health and difficulty in mobility, he is determined to visit Ong's Tomb in the early days of the new spring.


For Mr. Minh, Tet is truly complete when he can offer incense, pray for Duke Thượng Công's protection over the nation and its people, wish for familial harmony, and welcome prosperity.

A young person from Gò Vấp District (Ho Chi Minh City) arrived at Ong's Tomb early in the morning, sincerely offering incense and lighting candles.


The young man shared that he has maintained the habit of visiting Ong's Tomb every Tet holiday for over 10 years, starting from his second year in university until now.


Upon entering this famous cultural, historical, and spiritual landmark, everyone is conscious of dressing modestly and respectfully.


Increasingly, many young people opt for traditional Ao Dai attire when visiting for Tet celebrations.


Hoang Yen (25 years old) visited Ong's Tomb for the first time and was deeply impressed by its ancient and beautiful architecture.


Established in 1848, Ong's Tomb was recognized as a National Cultural Historical Site by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in 1988. The opening and peace-invoking ceremony at the tomb is also classified as a national intangible cultural heritage.


The Sala Flower, also known as the Vô Ưu Tree, is blossoming and emitting a pure fragrance in the courtyard of Ong's Tomb on the new spring day.


Calligraphy booths and Feng Shui items add vibrancy to the shared space.


Good wishes for the new year such as peace, prosperity, and success are familiar yet always welcomed.


The hundred-year-old legacy of Ong's Tomb is evident in its ancient trees, rare and precious plants that have been meticulously cared for, preserving the beautiful green space in the heart of the city.


On regular days, Ong's Tomb serves as a cultural gathering point, a place for leisurely walks, collective activities, and art appreciation, hosting many meaningful events for the people.


In the Tây Lang area of the tomb, the rhythmic sound of the "coin clinking" can be heard regularly whenever someone shakes the bamboo cylinder. This is a unique tradition of the community that has been passed down through generations. People come to ask for blessings at the beginning of the year or during significant events that require spiritual reverence.

As the journey to Ong's Tomb concludes, everyone holds fresh green branches in their hands, feeling peaceful and hopeful for the new year. For a long time, the tradition of asking for luck - both giving and receiving luck at Ong's Tomb in Bà Chiểu - has been arranged in a separate area, very civilized and reasonable, avoiding the phenomenon of arbitrary branch breaking or uncontrolled "harvesting" of luck.


The green branches symbolize growth and renewal, bringing luck and peace, representing the emergence of new and vibrant things.

In essence, Ong Ba Chieu's Tomb encapsulates the essence of Tet, Ho Chi Minh City's New Year's Eve, with its rich cultural significance and spiritual allure. It extends a warm invitation to friends from afar to explore Vietnam and immerse themselves in the vibrant festivities of Saigon during Tet.

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Let the spirit of Tet and the allure of Saigon's cultural tapestry enrich your New Year celebrations.

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