Tet Holiday Traditions: Exploring the Significance of Fireworks in Vietnamese Culture

Tet Holiday Traditions: Exploring the Significance of Fireworks in Vietnamese Culture

Every Tet holiday, the night of New Year's Eve wouldn't be complete without the dazzling display of fireworks. The resounding bursts mark the end of the old year and herald the arrival of the new one. Ever wondered about the captivating origins and profound significance behind this pyrotechnic tradition? Let's embark on a journey to unravel the roots of this age-old practice that has endured through time.

The Birth of Fireworks:

Around the 7th century, ingenious minds in China devised a type of firework using bamboo stems. As the transition from the old to the new year approached, people ignited these fireworks to ward off malevolent spirits and monstrous threats to their villages. A Chinese folk tale paints a vivid picture of the inception:

"In ancient times, a ferocious beast named Ning, adorned with a long, razor-sharp horn on its head, would normally lurk beneath the sea. However, on every New Year's Eve, it would emerge to prey upon animals and villagers. Faced with this menace, each approaching New Year's Eve saw the young and old, men and women alike, fleeing to the mountains to seek refuge.

One fateful New Year's Eve, as preparations for the exodus were underway, a silver-haired old man appeared. He declared that he could banish the monster, but skepticism prevailed among the villagers.

The stroke of midnight arrived, and Ning began its advance towards the village for its customary havoc. Suddenly, a thunderous eruption of fireworks echoed, prompting the creature to hastily retreat. Terrified by the explosive noise and red flames, Ning fled. When the villagers returned from the mountains the next day, they discovered tranquility had been restored. The old man had, indeed, used fireworks to expel the monster from their midst.

Since then, every New Year's Eve sees households illuminating lanterns and igniting fireworks to ward off evil spirits—a tradition that has spread far and wide, becoming an integral part of the Tet festival to this day."

Symbolism of the Fireworks Tradition in Vietnam:

celebrate Tet holiday in Vietnam

Setting off fireworks is not merely a means of dispelling malevolence; it's a ritual embodying hope for a new year filled with peace and prosperity. In the past, lighting a firecracker before New Year's Eve evening, known as "sealing the door with a firecracker," was followed by midnight's booming fireworks to drive away evil. On the lunar new year's first day, another firecracker would be lit, symbolizing the opening of doors with this explosive display.

Traditionally, igniting three firecrackers symbolized "connecting the three origins"—a wish for family members to achieve success in education, a blissful marriage, and governmental recognition. Four firecrackers represented "blessing, prosperity, longevity, and happiness," embodying good fortune, prosperity, longevity, and happiness. Lighting a string of one hundred firecrackers, covering the door, was believed to usher in financial prosperity.

Fireworks during the New Year not only serve to dispel evil but also embody the anticipation of a year filled with serenity and good fortune. When extending New Year wishes to others, it is customary to set off a string of firecrackers to bestow good luck upon the host.

Contemporary Regulations: In Vietnam, 28 years ago, a directive was issued prohibiting the production, trade, and use of fireworks. However, in 2020, a decree was introduced, permitting organizations and individuals with sufficient civil capacity to use fireworks in various events, such as festivals, weddings, birthdays, openings, conferences, commemorations, and cultural and artistic activities.

Top Stunning Fireworks Viewing Spots in Ho Chi Minh City for New Year 2024

Stunning Fireworks Viewing Spots in Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate Tet holiday in Vietnam

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Essential Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Fireworks Viewing Experience in Vietnam

Heading out to witness fireworks in Vietnam can be a thrilling experience, especially during festivals like Tet. To make the most of your outing and ensure a safe and enjoyable time, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  1. Plan Ahead:

    • Check the schedule: Be aware of the date, time, and location of the fireworks display. Plan your trip accordingly to avoid any last-minute rush.
  2. Arrive Early:

    • Popular fireworks spots tend to get crowded quickly. Arriving early not only ensures a good viewing spot but also allows you to soak in the festive atmosphere.
  3. Choose Safe Locations:

    • Opt for designated viewing areas or well-known spots recommended by locals. Avoid standing in areas that may pose safety risks, such as near busy roads or construction sites.
  4. Use Public Transportation:

    • Given the expected crowds, it's advisable to use public transportation to reach the fireworks venue. This helps in avoiding traffic congestion and finding parking.
  5. Respect Local Customs:

    • Remember that fireworks are often part of traditional celebrations. Be respectful of local customs and follow any guidelines set by authorities.
  6. Follow Safety Guidelines:

    • Pay attention to safety instructions provided by event organizers and authorities. Keep a safe distance from the fireworks display area, and do not attempt to handle fireworks on your own.
  7. Dispose of Trash Responsibly:

    • Help keep the environment clean by disposing of your trash properly. Be mindful of the surroundings and contribute to the overall cleanliness of the event area.
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