Tet Holiday in The North and South of Vietnam

Tet Holiday in The North and South of Vietnam

Vietnam is divided into three regions including: North, Center and South. On Tet holiday, although all of the areas and regions of the country bear the same culture, custom and tradition of Vietnam, it contains some differences among regions and between the North and South especially. Due to the distinction of weather and lifestyle, Tet holiday in the North and South has some differences contributing to make the variety and plenty in culture and custom of Vietnam.


In the second place, Chung cake, the traditional food of the Vietnamese Tet holiday, exhibits distinct regional differences. In the North, it serves as a symbol of ancestral honor during the initial three days of Tet. Comprising glutinous rice, pork, mung beans, and onions, it is wrapped in banana or Dong leaves and tied with bamboo string to form a square shape. On the contrary, the South celebrates with Tet cake, taking the shape of a rounded pipe, signifying vitality with ingredients like mung beans and pork at its core.

Indeed, the North showcases Vietnamese culture more profoundly than the South. Chung cake in the North closely aligns with the rice culture of Vietnam. Conversely, in the South, modifications are made to the Tet cake. Additionally, culinary distinctions arise from climatic influences. The North favors frozen pork with field mushrooms, adapting to the cold and dry weather, while the South opts for coconut milk due to its hot climate.


Peach blossom in the North


Yellow apricot blossom in the South

The traditional Tet dish, Chung cake, varies between the North and South regions of Vietnam. In the North, it symbolizes honoring ancestors with a square shape made of glutinous rice, pork, and mung beans, wrapped in banana or Dong leaves. In the South, Tet cake takes a rounded pipe form, representing vitality. The North emphasizes Vietnamese culture more deeply, with Chung cake reflecting the rice culture. Additionally, regional climate influences dishes; in the North, frozen pork with field mushrooms is common due to cold weather, while the South opts for coconut milk in response to the heat.


Chung cake and Tet cake

In conclusion, regional distinctions are evident in the presentation of the five-fruit tray during Tet. In the South, the tray typically features custard-apple, coconut, papaya, and mango, symbolizing the wish for abundance. Conversely, the North displays pomelo, banana, mandarin, mango, and chili. This contrast arises from the abundance and variety of fruits in each region, with the South boasting a more diverse and plentiful selection. Consequently, Southerners can showcase a rich assortment, while Northerners often rely on shelf-planted fruits for their trays.


Five-fruit tray in the North


Five-fruit tray in the South

In conclusion, though there are the differences in flower, dishes and five-fruit tray between regions, Vietnam always keeps the culture and custom of Tet holiday in all the regions of the country. And though it is in the past, present or future, everything of Vietnamese Tet holiday keeps the same and it will be maintained by time.

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In conclusion, exploring Vietnam during Tet offers a unique opportunity to witness the rich cultural tapestry that unfolds from the South to the North. From the diverse culinary traditions surrounding Tet dishes like Chung cake and Tet cake to the distinctive presentations of the five-fruit tray, each region paints a vivid picture of its cultural heritage. We invite travelers to embark on a journey across Vietnam during the Lunar New Year, immersing themselves in the festive spirit and savoring the diverse flavors and customs that make Tet a truly captivating and memorable experience. Come and discover the vibrant celebrations that unfold from the southern warmth to the northern charm, creating lasting memories of Tet in Vietnam.

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