Slow Travel Guide: 1-Day Saigon Walking Tour - Where to Go, What to Eat, and Authentic Experiences

Embarking on a slow travel journey through Saigon for just one day? Wondering where to go and what to do while experiencing the city at a relaxed pace? Dive into our slow travel guide for a one-day Saigon walking tour.

One Day As A Food Hunter On The Saigon Walking Tour - Part 1

If planning a walking tour in Saigon, you should try at least 1 of these dishes. Do not rush to leave if you come to Saigon but have not eaten at least one of these dishes.

11 famous alleys for food lovers in Sai Gon

Saigon Alleys are food heaven for those who want to discover the authentic cuisine of Sai Gon. Just a short visit to one of these alleys, you will see why locals love to eat in those small alleys.

Lychee- the royal tropical fruit that you should try when visitting VIET NAM

Lychees are described as small rounded fruit with white translucent flesh, pleasant smell, and rough thin skin. They used to be valuable offerings to the King of China in the old times.

Exotic Food that foreigners are afraid of Sai Gon City Tour you must try

The diversity and freshness of Vietnamese cuisine has won the hearts of many travelers. It does have the exotic food section that even a brave heart can't try.

Why say yes to “Saigon Hidden Alleys” - Unique Ho Chi Minh city Tour?

Alley (Hẻm) is one of the most iconic symbols of the big city with such a great population in Vietnam like Saigon. The "Saigon Hidden Alleys" will take you to discover the hidden gems in Hẻm.

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