Ho Chi Minh city New Year’s Eve: A glimpse of Nguyen Hue Flower Street before the opening of Tet Giap Thin 2024

Ho Chi Minh city New Year’s Eve: A glimpse of Nguyen Hue Flower Street before the opening of Tet Giap Thin 2024

Experience the anticipation of Tet Giap Thin 2024 with a sneak peek into Nguyen Hue Flower Street. Dive into the vibrant scenes and cultural marvels illuminating Ho Chi Minh City's New Year's Eve. Discover the magic awaiting visitors as they traverse this iconic thoroughfare before its grand opening.

Unveiling Tet Giap Thin 2024: Nguyen Hue Flower Street Prelude

Nguyen Hue Flower Street for Tet Giap Thin 2024 with the theme "Spring of Love, Tet of Togetherness" is divided into three sections.
Nguyen Hue Flower Street makes a strong impression right from the entrance gate with majestic dragon mascots. Named "Twin Dragons Embracing the Lotus" (a pair of dragon embracing lotus), the grand gate features two dragon mascots, each with 5 dragon body segments winding along both sides of the flower street, with a length of over 100 meters and a head circumference of over 2 meters.
The dragon mascots are environmentally friendly, as over 90% of the materials used in the sculpting are bamboo and woven bamboo mats.
The dragon's mouth holds a 50cm diameter pearl made of translucent acrylic, containing lights inside. The intertwined dragon bodies form an aesthetically pleasing and airy canopy for section one.
Playful small dragons are designed alongside the symbol of the year 2024.
The scene "Dragon Boat of Spring Flowers" at the beginning of section two spans the entire width of the flower street and covers an area of up to 900 square meters. The organizers have designed a separate layout for the High-Tech Agriculture Zone located within the "Spring Flower Boat" scene.
The dragon mascots set a record for a length of over 100 meters, winding along both sides of the flower street.
Preparation work for the flower street ahead of Tet has been expedited by workers in recent days.
Each grand and minor scene is being hastily installed, promising an attractive spring landscape amidst the city.
This is the first time the golden apricot trees have appeared on the flower street. The golden apricot trees, crafted by artisans from Mai Vang Rong Viet Joint Stock Company, range in height from 1m to 3.6m with names like Mai Dai Phuc, Mai Rong Viet, Dao Truong Xuan, Dao Phuoc Loc, and Bo De Dai Cat.
Deputy Chairman of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Duong Anh Duc (right cover), inspects the flower street construction work on the afternoon of February 5th.
Display booths, artistic flower arrangements from Consulates General in Ho Chi Minh City.
The Dragon Eye scenes, next to them are the Lotus Pond with giant lotus flowers and leaves being hastily completed.
Workers under the sun complete the final details on the dragon mascots.
The scenes are intricately shaped with colorful flower baskets.
The impressive scene "Supreme Thang Long" concludes the journey of exploring the flower street, covering an area of over 1,000 square meters.
The mascot of the grand scene, the whole-body dragon, lies on the ground with 4 body segments bending 5m away from the ground, constructed from steel pipes, steel belts, and steel mesh supported by 15 support pillars and a system of LED lights over 100 meters long running along the entire dragon body.
A corner of the flower street seen from above.
duong-hoa-nguyen-hue-truoc-ngay-khai-mac-23-3723.jpg.webpResidents and tourists capture images of the flower street before the opening day.
As we've delved into the anticipation surrounding Tet Giap Thin 2024 and marveled at the cultural wonders adorning Ho Chi Minh City's New Year's Eve, it's time to take a step closer. Let's unravel the excitement further as we explore the enchanting charm of Nguyen Hue Flower Street.
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