Mekong Delta Vietnam - 9 reasons why you need to visit

Mekong Delta Vietnam - 9 reasons why you need to visit

If you are feeling confused to choose the destinations for your vacation in Vietnam, this article will help you to make a decision easily. Just a 2,5 hours drive from the downtown, you'll find something different each time. Mekong delta will surprise you with its nature, culture, food and the friendly local people. Here are 9 reasons why you need to visit Mekong Delta at least once in your lifetime. But before that, check out this video here

1.  It's nature

Let think about drinking a bottle of beer or sleeping in a house surrounded by a vast area of tropical fruit gardens. Yes, it is the atmosphere of a typical house in Mekong Delta. Due to the good environment, the fresh air, cool breeze, and peaceful garden will help you to forget all the stress from work. And thanks to the temperature, about 33-36oC, it’s very comfortable to do some outdoor activities such as riding around the village, go fishing or gardening with locals. If you are a nature-lover, that's the first reason why you need to visit Mekong Delta


why you need to visit Mekong Delta Mekong River
A part of Mekong River


2. Vibrant Life on Floating Market

For hundred years, the life of Mekong people is surrounded by water. Gradually, it becomes an essential part of their life. People see water as a favorable environment for traveling as well as doing business. That’s one of the reasons we have floating markets.

From early 4:00 AM to 5:00 AM is the time for the boat to gather at central to exchange goods.

The art of selling on Floating Market promises to amaze your eyes. Looking at the numerous goods on the boats, tourists may have no idea on what locals sale. However, just notice on the top of poles that are hanging around. You will know what they have. The business on the river comes into real life when you see they delivering fruits from boat to others by throwing them in the air and smell the coffee and hot soup from the small boat which sells them for tourists and locals in the wind. The vivid of the market will mark an unforgettable memory in your trip to the Mekong.


Why you need to visit Mekong Delta Cai Rang Floating Market
A morning at Cai Rang floating market, Mekong


3. Homestay

Another reason why you need to visit Mekong Delta is the local homestay. It cannot be denied that homestay is one of the best ways to discover culture around the world. Homestay in Vietnam is still something new to tourists. When staying in local house, you will have a chance to play a role as a local to take part in their daily activities. Besides that, you can try lots of delicious food cooked by the host.

What else? You take a short walk around fruit gardens, visit their neighborhood by cycling through the village. By communicating with local people (you can ask your tour guide to become a translator), you can understand countryside life deeply, the culture and also the local people’s characteristics.


why you need to visit Mekong Delta local homestay
A local homestay in Vinh Long, Mekong


4. Tropical fruits

Thanks to mother nature, growing fruit in Mekong delta can’t become easier. Mekong Delta is known for its mango, banana, watermelon, coconut, etc. Every time you visit a local family in Mekong Delta, they will serve you various kinds of tropical fruits, which are picked right away in their garden. The light sourness and sweetness in the fruits will keep your body refresh on a sunny day. So to eat real fresh fruit can be the reason why you need to visit Mekong Delta.


Why you need to visit Mekong Delta tasting fresh fruit
The fruitful orange garden in Mekong


5. Food

Need a reason why you need to visit Mekong Delta, that is the cuisine of this land. Food is always included in the bucket list of travelers when first coming to the new country. If you travel to the Mekong Delta without tasting local foods, which means you will miss one of the best experience. Here are some typical dishes that worth a try.

Hủ Tiếu Mỹ Tho

As the name of the dish,  this is one of the typical dishes of My Tho city. The noodles with pork broth- based soup compose of vermicelli noodles, quail eggs, pork served with fresh herbs and vegetables. It is a fusion of fresh ingredients and “secret recipes” of the cook which make the name of the noodles. If you take the first sip of this well-known noodles, you cannot resist finishing everything in the bowl.


Why you need to visit Mekong Delta Hu tieu nam vang
Hu tieu nam vang - Famous noodles in Mekong


Bánh Xèo

The dish should be one of the greatest delicacies that locals boast of. They love to make Bánh Xèo in important family events. So why does the crispy yellow pancake become so popular? It brings all the goodness together from the rich batter made of rice powder, coconut milk and a hint of turmeric flour to the delicious fillings with pork and shrimps. With only one bite, you will feel the flavor explosion in your mouth. But do not forget to wrap Bánh Xèo in local vegetables and then deep into signature Vietnamese fish sauce, which is the perfect combination for a delicious Bánh Xèo.


Why you need to visit Mekong Delta Banh xeo vietnamese pancake
Bánh xèo - Vietnamese pancake


Bún Mắm

Original from Khmer culture, Bún mắm is known for a distinguish taste, light sweetness and rich, heady saltiness. It cannot be Bún Mắm without “Mắm”- fermented fish broth which creates the favourful the dish. The soup is served along with seafood, barbecued pork and vegetables. Eat it and you definitely will not regret for an authentic try.


Why you need to visit Mekong Delta Bun Mam
Bun Mam - A fermented fish soup with seafood in Mekong


6. Friendly people

Can you tell who are the true sons or daughters of Mekong Delta? The answer can be easily found in the first meeting by feeling the kind and generous from the bottom of their heart.

Despite the fact that they are not good at English, they will find a way to interact with you such as shaking hands, saying "hello", etc.  In other words, these locals would like to welcome you to their beloved homeland anytime.  

If you find yourself in trouble while traveling around the Mekong, locals are always willing to help you even though they cannot speak English. Their kindness and honesty will warm your heart.

Becoming guests or living in a homestay is the best way to gain insight into their life. They will invite you to join their welcome party and get a taste of their home-made drink called “happy water” (rice wine). Moreover, tons of mouth-watering food on the table will satisfy any food lover. The more you eat, the more you show your appreciation toward their generous as well as the person who cooks them. If you get sick with stress and mean people, that's why you need to visit Mekong Delta to see there still friendly people on earth.


Why you need to visit Mekong Delta friendly people
The warm welcome of local people in Mekong Delta


7. Lifestyle

Around 50 years ago, when the modern transport system did not exist, people in Mekong Delta mostly live nearby the rivers and small canals. Their childhood was filled with the images of wide ranges of green forests dotted in the bank of the river, lovely wooden boats and various seafood that nurture them every single day. In Mekong, kids learn how to swim before going to school. Boats play a vital part in their life. To them, they are not only water transportation but also members of the family.

The river strongly influences people’s lives, which you can experience by traveling by boat to see fishing activities, to feel the pace of tidal systems and to talk to locals any topics that pop into your head. You will know how we said Mekong people are the most friendly and open-minded ones in Vietnam. If you are still curious about the local's lifestyle, that's why you need to visit Mekong Delta.


Why you need to visit Mekong Delta have fun with local kids
Have fun with local kids


8. Cajuput forest

During the flooding season, the ideal Mekong Delta trip is visiting Cajuput Forest. Tourists will be taken around by motorboat. A fairyland with lush green scenes will appear in front of your eyes while you are going through the forest and looking up forward. The most beautiful cajuput forest is Tra Su Cajuput Forest. Located in An Giang Province, 20km away from Châu Đốc City. It is home to a hundred floral and fauna where the diversity of nature is preserved.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest is the place that peace-seekers who want to escape from the busy life of the urban areas looking for.

The entrance fee is just 60.000 - 75.000 VND (around 3~3,5 USD).


Why you need to visit Mekong Delta Tra Su Cajuput forest
Trà Sư Cajuput forest in An Giang, Mekong


9. Flooding season

Flooding season is a natural phenomenon, a special and unique natural feature of Mekong Delta. Though most of the land is drown out by the water from August to November, it is not a natural disaster but a golden opportunity for locals to change the way they take advantage of nature. Instead of harvest crops, as usual, they go fishing. A rich source of fish and seafood is the thing that comes along with high water. 

When the flood comes, it is also a chance for the land to rest after the rice-harvest season and remove all of the pests in the fields. The water from the great Mekong will cover every single hectare with silt, which promises to bring good crops in the future.

If you pay a visit to Mekong Delta in this season, do not forget to try signature dishes such as Linh fishes, water lily salad, etc. They will be one of the highlights for your trip to Mekong Delta.


Why you need to visit Mekong Delta flooding season
Flooding season in Mekong Delta

All is that the reason why you need to visit Mekong Delta. To have a chance to see an authentic Mekong Delta, click HERE To read more blogs and travel guide, click HERE

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