Travel Vietnam: Experience the Heartwarming Flavors of Mid-Autumn Mooncakes

Travel Vietnam: Experience the Heartwarming Flavors of Mid-Autumn Mooncakes

Nestled within the captivating landscapes of Vietnam lies a cherished tradition that warms the hearts and palates of its people every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival. As you embark on your journey to explore the enchanting beauty of Vietnam, there's one delectable delight that you simply cannot miss – the beloved Mid-Autumn Mooncakes. These exquisite pastries are more than just a treat for the taste buds; they are a symbol of togetherness, family bonds, and the vibrant culture that defines this remarkable country. Join us as we delve into the culinary and cultural treasure trove that is Vietnam, and let the heartwarming flavors of Mid-Autumn Mooncakes be your guide to an unforgettable adventure.

Vietnam Moon Cake in the Mid-Autumn Festival - Travel Vietnam

In the midst of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam, the sweet aroma of mooncakes fills the streets, creating a warm and loving atmosphere. Mooncakes are not just ordinary treats; they are a symbol of unity and family togetherness.

1. The Origin and Significance of Mooncakes

Mooncakes have their roots in China, spreading to Vietnam over time. Chinese legend tells of people making round cakes containing secret messages during a rebellion, choosing the 15th day of the 8th lunar month to commemorate the event. In Vietnam, mooncakes are associated with the legend of Hang Nga and Cuoi, who made special cakes to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival contest and wish to reunite on Earth during the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, known as the Mid-Autumn Festival. Since then, the beauty of mooncakes has been passed down through generations and become an integral part of Vietnamese culture and traditions.


Mooncakes are not just delicious treats on Mid-Autumn day but also carry profound meanings. They represent unity and family love. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, families gather around a table filled with mooncakes, sharing these traditional treats. By making and enjoying mooncakes together, each family member feels care, togetherness, and a deep emotional connection.

Mooncakes also symbolize prosperity and good luck. Their round or square shape signifies completeness and harmony. It is believed that consuming mooncakes brings fortune and wealth to the family. Therefore, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes are arranged on the table as a symbol of prosperity and success.

2. Characteristics of Traditional and Modern Mooncakes

Over centuries, mooncakes have evolved, embracing both tradition and innovation while retaining their significance.

2.1. Traditional Mooncakes

Traditional mooncakes encapsulate the beauty and essence of cultural heritage. The crust is made from wheat flour, slightly salty and soft. Common traditional fillings include green bean paste, taro paste, lotus seed paste, or salted egg yolk, offering familiar and nostalgic flavors. Some even combine various fillings to create mooncakes with rich and delightful flavors. These mooncakes are often adorned with meaningful characters or decorative patterns on the surface. These mooncakes are not only meaningful gifts but also foster warmth during the Mid-Autumn season.

Fat mixed Mooncake - Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival - Travel Vietnam
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2.2. Modern Mooncakes

Modern mooncakes combine tradition with creativity, introducing new flavors and unique designs. In addition to traditional varieties, modern mooncakes like molten salted egg yolk mooncakes, vegetarian mooncakes, or jelly mooncakes bring innovation and excitement to mooncake lovers. Modern mooncakes offer a fresh and delightful experience, showcasing diversity and progress in the art of mooncake making.

Mooncakes are innovated into many designs and colors 
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3. Basic Mooncake Making Process

Crafting mooncakes requires precision and skill. Common mooncake ingredients include wheat flour, sugar, lard, coconut milk, eggs, and various fillings such as mung beans, almonds, Chinese sausages, or lotus seeds. The process involves dough mixing, crust shaping, filling preparation, and creating the final mooncake shape. Depending on the type of mooncake, they are either baked or steamed until they become fragrant and irresistible.

4. Exploring Various Mooncake Types in Vietnam

In Vietnam, mooncakes are broadly categorized into two types: "bánh dẻo" (sticky rice mooncakes) and "bánh nướng" (baked mooncakes). Traditional mooncake gift boxes typically contain both types, offering a diverse selection to satisfy various preferences.

Vietnam sticky rice mooncakes & baked mooncakes
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4.1. Sticky Rice Mooncakes ("Bánh Dẻo")

Sticky rice mooncakes are made from glutinous rice flour, giving them a sweet and chewy texture. They are typically round in shape with a white crust and fillings like green bean paste, taro, Chinese sausage, or mung bean. These mooncakes carry a rich traditional flavor.

4.2. Baked Mooncakes ("Bánh Nướng")

Baked mooncakes are made from wheat flour, offering a rich and buttery taste with distinctive designs. The fillings can include salted egg yolks, green beans, Chinese sausage, or almonds. The crust is golden and crispy, providing a delightful contrast to the chewy sticky rice mooncakes.

Combining both sticky rice and baked mooncakes in one gift box allows for a diverse and satisfying Mid-Autumn experience. Mooncake lovers can enjoy the sweet, chewy texture of sticky rice mooncakes alongside the buttery and crunchy delight of baked mooncakes, making the festival truly special.

5. Top Mooncake Brands in Vietnam for Quality and Taste

When choosing mooncakes, it's essential to select trusted and reputable brands. Here are 10 top mooncake brands in Vietnam known for their quality and reliability:

  1. Kinh Đô Mooncakes: With over 20 years of experience, Kinh Đô is renowned for its wide range of traditional and reasonably priced mooncakes.
  2. Givral Mooncakes: Givral offers premium mooncakes made from fresh ingredients, featuring a variety of fillings, including traditional salted egg yolk.
  3. Như Lan Mooncakes: Như Lan presents high-quality mooncakes with unique fillings like bird's nest and durian, elegantly designed and perfect for gifting.
  4. Bibica Mooncakes: A well-known Vietnamese brand with a reputation for high-quality products that appeal to even the most discerning consumers.
  5. Maison Mooncakes: Maison stands out with its classic yet luxurious packaging and Hong Kong-inspired mooncakes that maintain traditional flavors.
  6. Hữu Nghị Mooncakes: Hữu Nghị offers traditional mooncakes that are both exquisite in design and rich in Vietnamese cultural essence.
  7. Kido’s Bakery Mooncakes: With over 50 years in the baking industry, Kido’s Bakery delivers quality mooncakes crafted with meticulous care.
  8. Tous Les Jours Mooncakes: Known for its premium mooncakes, Tous Les Jours offers handcrafted delicacies with unique flavors and designs.
  9. Richy Mooncakes: A renowned brand in Vietnam, Richy provides high-quality mooncakes with distinct flavors, offering a culinary delight in every bite.
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Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival - Travel Vietnam


6. Tips for Choosing Delicious and Reliable Mooncakes

When selecting mooncakes, consider the following tips to ensure you get the best quality:

  • Choose reputable and well-established mooncake brands with a good reputation.
  • Examine the quality of ingredients used in the mooncakes to ensure freshness and safety.
  • Evaluate the beauty and craftsmanship of the mooncake design.
  • Seek recommendations from those who have purchased and tasted the products.
  • Check for information regarding the mooncakes' expiration dates and storage instructions.
  • Select mooncake varieties that align with your taste preferences and dietary restrictions.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, aside from enjoying tea and mooncakes, you can also spend quality time with your family on vacation getaways. The Mid-Autumn Festival of 2023 falls on Friday, September 29th in the Gregorian calendar, making it an ideal time to combine a weekend trip to destinations such as Saigon to join magical Mid-autumn festival in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), the peaceful Mekong Delta , Da Nang, Phu Quoc, and Nha Trang, ... All of these locations are perfect choices for celebrating the full moon season.

Travel non-touristy Mekong Delta 2-day trip in Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 
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In conclusion, mooncakes, a traditional and symbolic delicacy in Vietnamese culture, offer more than just delightful flavors; they embody unity and a sense of belonging. Whether traditional or modern, mooncakes are an indispensable part of the Mid-Autumn Festival, fostering bonds among families and communities. Whether you choose traditional or innovative mooncakes, they all share the common goal of bringing warmth and togetherness to the Mid-Autumn celebration. As you savor these delectable treats, remember the rich cultural.

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