Itinerary for 2 days to Cat Tien National Park by Motobike

Itinerary for 2 days to Cat Tien National Park by Motobike

2 day itinerary to visit Cat Tien Nation Nal Park and other off the beaten track places in Dong Nai

Day 1: Nam Tai Rock – Cross Rock – Phu Dien Lotus Lake

Starting at 7 o'clock from Ho Chi Minh City, we move in the direction of National Highway 1A to Dau Giay Junction, then continue to turn to National Highway 20, run straight through Da Ba Chong - Dinh Quan about 3 km.
At this time, look to the right, you will see the welcome gate of Phu Loi commune (Km 116) and run another 8 km to the junction with Phu Hoa gas station.
After that, you continue to follow the asphalt road for about 1.5 km to arrive.
At 11 a.m:  arrive Da Nam Tai, people can eat and drink here at a reasonable price.
The basic menu has fried fish rolls with rice paper, chicken cooked with porridge, drinking water, etc about 1 million VND for 5 people. There are quite a few lotuses in this season, so you can take pictures of them while buying lotus seeds to eat.
16:00  move to Fiery Cross Rock.
Gasoline both going and returning is about 150,000 VND.

Day 2: Bau Sau - Nam Cat Tien and the journey to conquer 5 km walking in the jungle

From the gate of Nam Cat Tien National Park, you have to take a ferry across the river, then move on an open-top truck for the next 10 km to go deep into the forest.
Round trip truck fee is 600,000 VND for 10 people. In addition, you can rent bicycles for about 150,000 VND a day.
The trail takes us to a meeting point. People have to walk another 5 km through the forest to reach Bau Sau. There is a sightseeing boat service for 150,000 VND per boat for two people. Floating around, you can watch crocodiles diving.
Total cost to go to Bau Sau is expected to include: 60,000 VND for entrance ticket to Nam Cat Tien, 20,000 VND for parking, 600,000 VND for round trip transportation, 250,000 VND for Bau Sau ticket, 800,000 VND for accommodation in Bau Sau, 100,000 VND. dinner, 30,000 VND for breakfast, 150,000 VND for canoeing around Bau Sau...
Note to bring insect spray, drinking water, raincoat.

This is just a sample itinerary that we sugguest for adventurous travellers who love to travel by motobike in Vietnam. If you want to take a private tour to Dong Nai and visit Cat Tien National Park, pls visit our tours