Mekong Delta Tour: Homestay, Food, Local Tour

Mekong Delta Tour: Homestay, Food, Local Tour

Beautiful Places in Vietnam: 6 Things To Do & See in The Mekong Delta

Longest of all South-East Asian rivers, the Mekong stretches more than 4'000 km, from the heights of the Himalayas chain down to the South China Sea, meandering between the Chinese province of Yunnan and the countries of Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam at last.

South-West of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is an agricultural and historical jewel. The region, where fish, rice fields, and tropical fruit - lychees, Vietnamese plums, Vietnamese durian, pomelos (trai buoi fruit), etc. - abound, has seen numerous civilizations enjoy the natural riches of its soil, waters, and banks: the Chams, the Khmers, the Vietnamese, Chinese settlers, and, not long ago, French colonists. 

Mekong Delta Tour From Ho Chi Minh City

The Mekong Delta can be added to the list of great reasons to holiday in Vietnam! When venturing forth into the region, you will discover its rich cultural heritage and will be able to fully grasp why the region is called the rice granary of Vietnam! 

As the region is located within an acceptable distance from the city, full-day Mekong Delta tours from Ho Chi Minh City will give you an initial glimpse of its feel while helping you get acquainted with its nearest wonders!

However, those who wish to take it at a comfortable pace so as not to miss out on the 6 following things to discover in the Mekong Delta, might need to opt for a 2 to 3-day stay. Let us find out what they are!

1. The Mekong Delta Floating Markets 

In the Delta, everything happens directly aboard sampan boats, a habit that dates back centuries! A hotbed of dynamic trade exchange, the numerous arms of the Mekong have seen their fair share of goods and merchants over the years, and floating markets are a living testimony of it.

Exotic flower bouquets, freshly-caught fish, ripe fruit, and scents of on-the-spot meals: the markets of the Delta are the beating heart of South Vietnam. And there are not one but five floating markets in the region, namely:

  1. Cai Rang floating market, the most bustling of all;
  2. Cai Be floating market;
  3. Phong Dien floating market;
  4. Nga Nam floating market;
  5. Long Xuyen floating market.

Cai Rang Floating Market

Located on the Can Tho river, the comings and goings of merchants' boats of Cai Rang floating market are best witnessed at the break of dawn. Early birds might want not to miss the show, as boats start plying the waters as early as 3 am! 


2. Fruit Tasting Among The Orchards Of The Mekong Delta


Branches bending under the weight of ripe fruit, birds chirping from the treetops, and a breath of fresh air will give you the impression of being in a tropical version of the heavens! 


. The largest fruit producer in the region, Tien Giang province, is home to a multitude of fruit farms;

Cai Be orchard is a vast fruit garden in the Mekong Delta. It produces a selection of fruit, ranging from pomelos, jack fruits, mandarines, guavas, longans, lychees, and rambutan, to other savory goodness;

Hoa Loc proudly grows one of the most sought-after and tasty mango varieties in the country;

Long An dragon fruit farms - if time allows - should not be overlooked. The pink, white, and yellow varieties are best seen at night when fields illuminate like a thousand fireflies!

3. Visiting Vinh Trang Pagoda

As much of an architectural wonder as it is a religious and historical treasure, this Buddhist pagoda, nested in a series of ornamental gardens, is located in My Tho, Tien Giang province. This religious complex, erected in 1854, is composed of no less than 5 buildings, 178 pillars, and a bell.


The history of the place bears the mark of a tumultuous past. When, in the early 1800s, the site was no more than a humble hermitage, it would witness, roughly 50 years later, the armed conflict opposing Emperor Nguyen's troops to the conquering French colonists.

Badly damaged, the pagoda would not see any repairing work before 1895, and it would take close to 30 more years for the building to look the way it does nowadays. 

4. Birdwatching At Tra Su Bird Sanctuary

Ornithologists and exotic bird aficionados alike will love to see and hear Tra Su birds fly and sing in the distance. Calm and picturesque, the sanctuary is no less than 800'000 hectares wide and a short 23 km away from the city of Chau Doc, in An Giang province. 

While most of the sanctuary is closed to visitors, in an attempt to allow the 70+ species that live together to nest undisturbed, tourists can watch them from the boats that take them on a relaxing observation cruise along the many neighboring canals and rivers.

5. Tan Lap Floating Village

100 km or so from Ho Chi Minh City is one of Vietnam's best-known eco-tourism spots: the mangrove forest and neighboring floating village of Tan Lap, roughly 2 hours apart. After visitors disembark from their boat ride, a small hike takes them through a series of footbridges that span the many channels of the area and allow for a breathtaking view of the cajuput trees that grow in the mangrove.

While this excursion can be done within a full day, there are plenty of Mekong Delta homestay options on the site as well for those keen on staying a little longer!

6. The Many Khmer Pagodas of Tra Vinh Province

Formerly attached to the Khmer empire, Tra Vinh Province is now home to over 300'000 Khmers, making up 30% of the total population, one of the largest in the Mekong Delta. Consequently, 140 gold-like Khmer temples cover the region!

To name two of the most visited, the Hang pagoda - literally "cave pagoda" due to its 12-meter-deep cave-like entrance - and the Kompong Chray pagoda, known for its nearby trees full of egrets, are best visited at dusk.

While in Tra Vinh, do not forget to stop by the Khmer culture museum before taking a stroll alongside Ba Om pond, handily located right next to the museum!

Mekong Delta Tours: What Time Of Year Is Best To Visit?

There is no such thing as an unadvised time to explore the Mekong Delta. Regardless of whether it rains or shines, the region promises fresh fruit, delicious, traditional Mekong Delta dishes, and to accommodate those with a sweet tooth, even homemade creamy coconut candies all year long! 

We hope to have given you the itch to visit this one-of-a-kind region! If you do not know just yet where to start, why not take a look at our catalog of private guided Mekong Delta tours

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We hope that your experience will be nothing short of amazing

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